Moving into Spring

I’m moving into spring with a skip in my step.  An immense gratefulness overwhelms me as I watch pieces I have written continue to become part of a greater cause — bringing awareness to sex trafficking in the USA.  Following the Charleston WV YWCA Awareness Event on January 9th (see recent post), a group of women in Charleston, WV, met together to keep the dialogue going in the community and planned a Human Trafficking Awareness Symposium on April 24th at First Presbyterian Church in Charleston, WV.  Once again three pieces from my musical will be performed during this event! There is sense of fulfillment in being a part of this platform that is quite different from the normal performing high.

Joan Parker, member of the West Virginia Conference Justice and Advocacy Committee and member of the General Board of Church and Society Social Principles commission, recently interviewed me for an article regarding human trafficking and specifically how it impacts WV.  Thank you, Joan, for bringing education and awareness to a subject that impacts the entire country.

Click here to read the article.