Ringing in the New Year with Hope

Here’s to an exciting 2018 so far. I was able to team up with the YWCA Charleston and provide two performance pieces for their Human Trafficking Event on January 9, 2017. The event was packed even beyond the organization’s anticipation which was a welcomed surprise. The West Virginia girls who performed at Wellspring Living’s event at the Cobb Galleria in September 2017 all came back to participate in this event so once again the audience was entertained by a stellar cast.

This project has been a part of my personal life so long that I often forget how many communities are unaware of this hidden issue that is often prevalent. I am so thankful for organizations such as Wellspring Living and the YWCA who make it their mission to not only provide an oasis for the victims but also to educate the general public and raise awareness. As an artist, I am truly thankful to these organizations for recognizing art’s influence and opening the door to showcase my work as an opportunity to advocate through art.

The piece we performed is titled “While I Hope”, and the final sentence is a fitting ending to this post and blessing to the readers. “I will wait to see all the joy life will bring to me while I hope.”